Writing and speaking assessments is included FREE in the MASTER Membership

(10 complete writing tests and 2 live speaking practice)

MASTER Membership

100 000 UZS  for 2 live speaking practice tests and feedback sessions one to one with your tutor

Writing only

100 000 UZS for a complete writing test assessment
(Task 1 and Task 2), with corrections, comments and band score
10% discount for orders of 3 or more!

Improving your speaking skills for IELTS can be difficult without the right support. Make sure you are ready by taking live (not recorded like other IELTS preparation websites) speaking assessments with your support tutor (via Skype or Whatsapp).

Always make sure that you are getting advice from people who really know the IELTS test, not just people who have taken the IELTS test or taught in classrooms. We have also published a series of IELTS textbooks (published by Pearson Education – the High Impact series), so we know what we’re talking about!

Improving your writing for IELTS

Improving your writing skills and getting a higher score in the IELTS requires practice, but also feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and what you should do to further improve. That’s why we offer writing assessment in our MASTER Membership, where you can get your writing corrected with comments band scores from former IELTS examiners!

Your support tutor will…

1. Identify and correct errors in your written work
2. Give explanations for the errors where relevant
3. Summarise areas for improvement ​
4. Award a band score based ​on 15+ years of being an IELTS examiner